You cannot take a child away from its Mother!

Women write to me about the struggle, the pain, the humiliations they go through in order to prevent their children from being taken away from them; women accused by their ex of being crazy – an outdated term that can mean everything and nothing – in order to prove that they are no longer worthy of being mothers, and institutions plunge the blade even deeper, investigating these women to determine whether or not they really are “crazy”.

How can this be in a day and age in which such Medieval terms should have been removed from our dictionaries? In a time when all professionals should be trained to prevent children from being used by their parents just to seek revenge on each other?

There should not be places of inquisition but rather of Listening, Help, Coordination for families, where children are shielded from fights over money or personal resentments between the two parents. Problems are not solved by taking children away from their family – that only makes things worse. Children have the right to have two parents and should not see their mother and father destroy each other and hear them say such things as “your father is crazy” or “your mother is insane”.

It is only by preventing such offensive and especially pointless terms from being used that we can preserve the inner serenity of innocent children and of desperate mothers who do not deserve to experience such tearing grief.

Dr Stefania Jade trucchi