The cruel paradox of a parent who wants to defend his or her child

Cruel vademecum of frequent situations if you ask that you, as a mother or father, and your child be protected when you or your child or both are suffering abuse/violence: If your partner/husband accuses you – using the absurd term worthy of the dark ages – of being “crazy” and therefore of deserving that your … [Leggi tutto…]

When minors are not protected during the process of formulating a preliminary expert’s opinion

The process of producing a preliminary expert’s opinion should represent a lengthy stage in the separation or divorce procedure, during which conflicts may be addressed in depth in order to find the best solution in relation to the custody of minors. We should also consider that if an expert’s opinion is requested, it is obvious … [Leggi tutto…]

When a parent pits a child against the other parent: from natural love to unnatural hate

I often receive letters from mothers and fathers who, after a long and difficult separation, are left with a child who used to love them unconditionally but has come to reject them, to “hate” them, in some cases to no longer want to see them. There is a great deal of talk about PAS – … [Leggi tutto…]

Part 1: Script of the Narcissistic Bluff Man

Separations involving children are never a natural process and arrangements need to be made for their well-being. Needless to say, there are many different cases and it would be hard to discuss them all. However, there are two different situations, one involving men, the other one involving women, that are widespread and have given rise … [Leggi tutto…]