Who I am

My name is Stefania Jade Trucchi. I am a psychologist, psychotherapist and writer.

My professional experience in the area of eating disorders in hospitals and schools, in psychiatry departments, and in the difficult sphere of panic attacks, combined with my personal approach, in which Communication and Empathy play a critical role in human relations, have led me to write not only scientific articles but also, from 2000 onwards, works of fiction, publishing also with Sperling § Kupfer. Writing novels is a way of speaking directly to people and of sharing emotions, difficult or significant situations, and thoughts that we often keep in our heart.

In particular, my work, the people I have met, and my professional and personal experience, have brought me in close contact with the suffering caused by Violence, which can unfortunately affect and ensnare anyone – women, men and children.

My latest novel, entitled “The Child Stolen by the Wind”, speaks about violated childhood, which we read and hear more and more about in the media and is destined to have future implications that in most cases will prevent the complicated and cruel “Circle of Violence” from being interrupted and broken.

The Rome-based Association “Doppiovolo Onlus”, which I created and of which I am the President, is the first bulwark against abuses, acts of persecution, and forms of violence that offend the human dignity of any individual and aims to raise our awareness so that we may continue to have respect for ourselves and others.