Adults and young people, one confused and dangerous identity

  Today we are confronted with a generation of young people and of adults who are very distant from what we might expect but are incredibly specular, and consequently cause perplexity and disillusionment, all of which is reflected in a new, uncertain concept of family and society. Educating has become an increasingly difficult, at times … [Leggi tutto…]

ON THE SIDE OF CHILDREN: when Guardianship turns into Violence against Children

While family ties come undone, separations occur, lawyers take action, conflicts escalate, and daily life turns into a tangle of meetings, discussions, decisions, hearings, files, arguments, faxes and emails exchanged between lawyers, former spouses, independent technical consultants, party-appointed technical consultants, certified emails with the court, appeals, and much much more, hardly anyone notices that in … [Leggi tutto…]